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This page contains news of recent events and occurrences associated with the Square Methodist Church. If you have any items to contribute, please send them to the Webmaster, by email through our Contact page, or by completing this form.

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Below, you will find news items concerning the Square Methodist Church, and the groups that are associated with it.

Items are arranged in date-received order, newest first, so once you reach something you have already seen, you can stop reading! 


Below, you will find news items received from external organisations, that may be of interest.

Items are arranged in date-received order, newest first, so once you reach something you have already seen, you can stop reading!

21 May: KSN Mission Hospital

report from Linda and Chris Berry, concerning the COVID situation at the KSN Mission Hospital Sarenga, West Bengal, India


KSN Mission Hospital Sarenga, West Bengal, India
In order to help the Hospital and its staff members during the Covid emergency in India, we are appealing to all church members from the Circuit to make a donation that will help provide the Hospital with the resources they need to give them the best chance of survival. Please donate by Sunday 9th May. All money donated will go directly to the Hospital.
Full details in this PDF document.

10 March: Offerings

If you value the work of the church, and would like to support it by making a donation, you can do so easily through PayPal Pools, using the following link:

If you don't have a PayPal account, it is very easy to set one up by going to They provide a secure way of donating and spending money online. 

27 November 2020: Volunteers at The Square

There are opportunities for people to take on some volunteer roles at The Square. See the following documents for details:

Bookings Secretary (18 June 2021: this has now been made into a paid role)

Church Safeguarding Officer

Raising Funds for The Square

There is a very simple and effective way everyone can help raise funds for The Square Methodist Church irrespective of your income. Please see our Easyfundraising page for more details.

Volunteers Required...

... to help serve drinks after Sunday services (when we are allowed to hold them again!).


18 June: Rotary Club of Dunstable

Dunstable Wombles
Rotary International has added a new area of focus for the first time in it’s 116 year history, The Environment.
To mark this new area of focus, members of Rotary Dunstable have formed a Community Corps, for people who want to get involved in projects without becoming full members. President David Footitt said that the global pandemic has made everyone think differently, and there has been a huge increase in people wanting to put something back and make their town a better place.
The new group, named Dunstable Wombles, recently blitzed Green Lanes, and Court Drive in the town centre. 14 Wombles collected 9 bags of litter in Green Lanes, and 3 bags in Court Drive.
Chief Womble Zoe recently collected a crisp packet, and noticed the best before date was 1998! This shows the need to be mindful when disposing our wrappers. We are already planning our next Wombling session for early July. If you’d like to join us please contact Rotary by email “” or on Facebook Dunstable Wombles

26 January: Free Dial-a-Prayer

The dial a prayer and news service has been a real blessing to some of our more isolated people as they are able to phone and listen, and the addition of a weekly message from Richard and I will hopefully be an added blessing to many.

I would encourage you to print off information about these phone lines, and post them to anyone you know who may be feeling lonely and cut off so that they can receive words of support and spiritual sustenance in these challenging days.

Carolyn Lawrence, Vice-President of the Methodist Conference

Prayer: 0808 281 2514 Message: 0808 281 2695 News: 0808 281 2478

14 January: Safe and Well Visits

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue can offer you guidance on fire safety in relation to your home, this can include; advice on cooking, smoking, testing your smoke alarm and planning an escape route. We can also offer advice on doorstep security and falls. If required we can give you equipment such as smoke alarms. See this document for full details.

4 September 2020: 2020-21 Year of Prayer

The Conference has declared 2020/2021 a year of prayer so that our Church-wide commitments
to evangelism, church growth, church at the margins, and pioneering and church planting will flow
from a deep, contemplative orientation to God’s grace and love.

See more on our Prayer page  

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