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The Church Project for 2021-2022 is known as Project WW.

WW stands for "West Wall", and this reflects the aim of the project, which is to raise sufficient funds to pay for repointing and other repairs to the west wall of the church (behind the organ), which is suffering from damage resulting from water creeping in.

The cost is estimated at £15,000, though this may rise when we get to do a closer examination, and we have been hoping that the Project would raise a significant portion of this.

The project is now closed, as we have moved into the next Methodist year (2022-2023), and the total raised is £4614. This may not seem like much compared with the total required, but we need to bear in mind that our congregation is not huge, and the vast majority of this total has been given, by one route or another, by members of the congregation.

Our thanks go to everyone who has participated, whether as an organiser (especially Bridget, Jenny and Stephen), or as a contributor financially. Without each and every one of you, our success would have been much diminished.

The fundraising events held, and other contributions, are shown below.


Past Events

Most recent first

Other Contributions

Most recent first

rubber duck

25 September: Duck Shoot Results and Project Closure

The Duck Shoot results and awards will be presented during the Harvest Festival Sunday service.

See the photos and results at the bottom of the page.

Over the Summer: Duck Shoot

Duck Shoot +

A competition to see who can take the most intriguing, stunning, unusual photo of a duck, which can be purchased from Bridget for £3. Click to enlarge the poster for full details.

20 August: Coffee Morning

A coffee morning, open to the public, held in the Church Halls on Saturday morning raised £185.

Cream Tea Invitation +

13 August: Cream Tea Afternoon

Sharan, Lisa and Jackie hosted a Cream Tea Afternoon at Stanbridge, which raised £200

Tale as old as Time +

7 July:

The Square Drama Circle's production of Tale as Old as Time (Thursday performance) raised £195.

Manse Tea Poster +

28 May: Afternoon Tea at The Manse

Nina kindly hosted a second afternoon tea at the Manse, from which we managed to raise £185. Thank you to all who attended, and of course to those who helped.

20 March - 17 April:

Easter Challenge and Easter Egg Competition

The challenge: this was a sheet with a different challenge to complete every day

The competition: Cut out an egg shape on card or paper and decorate it. Submit it to our competition for a £1 entry fee. The winner of the Easter Egg prize was judged on Easter Sunday.

These two activities together raised £83.50.

19 March: Vauxhall Male Voice Choir

Vauxhall Male Voice Choir

Did you miss the Vauxhall Male Voice Choir singing favourite songs in support of our West Wall project? Shame on you! But those who did attend enjoyed it, and raised £310 for our project in the process.

12 March: Coffee Morning

The Ladies' Thursday Club ran the coffee morning this Saturday, which raised another £71 for the project.

9 March: Book Stall

The cash box from our perpetual book stall has been emptied, yielding £116.92

6 March: Stephen's "Quizzical Quiz"

Stephen's Quizzical Quiz has raised £86.

29 January: Coffee Morning

We ran a Saturday morning coffee morning, which raised £138.30, with additional voluntary donations on the day totalling £101.60.

20 December: Square Christmas Cards

Raised £30

19 December:
Christmas Card Postbox

Our Christmas Postbox was out in the welcome area from 28th November until the end of Sunday 12th December, where people could post their cards for other church family members, and make a donation. This raised £28.

4 December: Christmas Fayre

Christmas Fayre +

Our Christmas Fair featured many stalls, with many games to play and things to buy. As a result of the generosity of our visitors, we have raised £635.50.

7 November: Quiz Afternoon

Our quiz afternoon was a great success, and raised £220.

20 October: Sponsored Swim

Bridget Calvert undertook a 1-mile sponsored swim, raising £400. Well done Bridget, and many thanks to her sponsors.

19 September: Afternoon Tea at the Manse

Our minister, Nina Johnson, hosted an afternoon tea party in the garden of the Manse, raising £223

Unidentified extras: £165.68

Additional donations: £117

Personal donations totalling £50

Buttercup Housegroup has contributed £110.

The Ladies' Thursday Club has donated £130, and a further £22.50.

The 5th Dunstable Scout Group have made a donation of £700, in recognition of the church's support for the group.

The Village Housegroup has given a further donation of £40.

The Village Housegroup has raised £53

The 5th Dunstable Scout Group had cakes left over from their coffee morning, which they donated to the church, raising £17 when sold after the Sunday service.



Duck Shoot Competition Results

Held over the summer of 2022, the results of the duck shoot competition were announced during the Sunday service on 25 September. For those who weren't there, or who would like to see the entries again, here they are...

You can hover over a photo to see a title, and click to see a larger version.

Duck on Holiday

Duck on Holiday 2 +Duck on Holiday 1 +Duck at the beach +in Australia +in Australia 2 +in Australia 3 +George's conundrum +

And the winner was Peppa Pig Land, by Linda Berry George meets George +


Farthest Travelled Duck

Farthest Travelled 1 +Farthest Travelled 2 +Farthest Travelled 3 +40 floors up at Duck & Waffle +Furthest Travelled Duck Aus +

and the winner was Australia, by the Pritchard family: Duck arriving in Australia +


Most Adventurous Duck

Most Adventurous Duck 2 +        

And the winner was "Duck Rock Climbing" by Pat & John Clarke:

Most Adventurous Duck 1 +


Best Caption

(hover over the photo to see the caption)

Duck a l'orange +Donald and Mike together +Duck at Work +Have you got this in other sizes +I think this comes in different sizes +I'm free from bath time +I'd get that wart looked at if I were you +I told my friend to keep in the shade +Inland Duck +Laying in the snow from Lapland +Scottish Duck after a dram +Meet my new friend +My moment of crowning glory +Thank you to my vet for my booster +Next week on "Long Lost Family" +Thank you your Majesty +This says it all +Too hot +Wanted: have you seen this duck? £50 reward +Where's everybody gone? +Where's the jacuzzi button on this thing? +Hand Reared +

And the winner was... "Starring in the latest proDUCKtion" by Christine O'Gorman:

Starring in the latest proDUCKtion +


The best photo over all categories was judged to be "Hand Reared" by Stephen Parkinson:

Hand Reared +


Well done to all who took part, and especially to the winners.