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Square Jaws

Gentlemen of a certain vintage are warmly invited to Square Jaws gatherings, which take place every few weeks.

All men are most welcome, of course, but current attendees are (let’s be generous) mostly middle-aged. 

We meet in a local hostelry (a definite venue is still to be confirmed) for food, chat, laughter and, well, a bit more food. Conversations range from the hilarious (okay, then, mildly funny) to more serious subjects. Football, philosophy, faith and friendships – oh, and food. 

That would just about sum it up, with a good deal of mutual respect in the mix too. Andrew Foster heads up Square Jaws, so please get in touch (see the Contact page) if you fancy the occasional lads night out! Think Last of the Summer Wine. Think Dad’s Army. Most of all, consider yourself invited.

Latest Meeting, 22 June 2020 - Walking with Dinosaurs Update:

Square Jaws BluebellsThree intrepid explorers ventured onto Blows Down in Dunstable yesterday, suitably socially distanced.

It was good to meet up and find numerous things to moan about in the open countryside, it's not the same when you do it to a computer screen.

The legs may be aching but it was good to see friends, roll on the next epic stroll :)

15 May 2020

Square Jaws - a virtual feast!
On 15th May the Jaws had a get together on the World Wide Web, a strange experience for such adaptable & resourceful individuals!
Some were able to Zoom to the chat, others were a bit hit & miss and some were lost on the journey.
The usual standard of catering for the chat had slipped a bit due to the 'lockdown', our only excuse was that we had already emptied the cupboard.
Hope to see you all next time.

10 Jan 2020

Having remembered how our last meeting at the White Lion had ended up as a raucous occasion, and that it is now boarded up, the Fat Controller decided that this meeting would be held at Chez Andy. We chewed the fat over the usual important topics; why do some people think they can see a rabbit on the moon; the correct temperature to eat a Pizza; the likelihood that The Square FC would win the F A Cup this season, and other relevant issues. It was a good evening to start the new decade on, with a fine selection of food and drink provided by the Jawers (Not sure that is a word).

Friday, 6th March

Square Jaws had our second get together of 2020, a mixture of dis-organisation, wet weather and the venue uncertainty have led to the delay.

Laughter, fellowship and plenty of food were the priorities and nobody let us down.

The next instalment is Friday, 24th April, 8pm at the White Lion pub.

Next Meetings

April 24th @ 8pm

Venue: White Lion PH

Blokes of all ages are welcome to join the regulars for a chat over food & humorous anecdotes.

For more details contact Andrew Foster (see our Contact page).