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3Generate: 6th - 8th October 2023

The 3Generate weekend was a great success. Eight young people from The Square, plus three leaders, were joined by five young people from Oakdale Methodist Church, plus two leaders. It was lovely to be part of a larger group with Oakdale, and we hope this will lead to further links between the two groups. 

We tended to sit together for meals, but then do the activities in our separate groups. There were so many activities to choose from. The craft area was very popular with long queues for crocheting, and making and using pin-hole cameras; bear in mind that there were well over 1,000 young people plus all their leaders. 

Basket ball and the climbing walls were also very popular. This year there was also a caving option, and they had two climbing walls as it had been so popular last year. There were some excellent interactive Bible studies, with many of the young people joining in with their comments and questions. Our group enjoyed an area called "The Wilderness", which involved following a trail through the desert with Moses and then fast forwarding to the same trail, but this time with Jesus. One of our young people commented, "I really like this area". 

The main worship sessions on Saturday and Sunday mornings were very good, led by a group called The Spirituals, and there was a lovely Holy Communion service at 10.30pm on the Saturday. A good time was had by all!

A few pictures from our great weekend at 3Generate in October 2023:

3Generate Crochet Queue +

Part of a queue of about 50 people waiting to do

3Generate Climbing Wall +

The climbing wall was very popular

3Generate Climbing Wall +

The climbing wall was very popular

3Generate Tent Village +

Part of the tent village where we slept

3Generate Square contingent +

Some of us from The Square

3Generate Spirituals +

The Spirituals, leading Worship in The Park

3Generate Square and Oakdale +

Combined Square and Oakdale staring into the sun

3Generate Clay Modelling +

Clay modelling

3Generate Concern Bricks +

Building a better future. Each brick represents and
issue that a young person is concerned about.

3Generate Worship in the Park +

Worship in the Park


3Generate Oakdale Contingent +

Our fellow travellers from Oakdale