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Theological Reflection Survey

Have you got 10-20 minutes? Do you want to shape youth work training? Do you want to win a £100 voucher? Then we’ve got GREAT news for you!

We have released a survey exploring theological reflection in youth work, which you can complete here.

The survey is part of a project exploring what theological reflection looks like in the day-to-day lives of youth workers. We want to know whether or not this matches up with what is written about theological reflection, and the way that theological reflection is taught on youth ministry and theology courses.

The findings will contribute to a research report, which we hope will shape the way that theological reflection is taught on youth ministry courses. It will also inform our thinking about whether or not theological reflection is a useful tool for youth workers in practice, and the approaches that prove most effective over the long term.  

This piece of research is funded by the Durham Common Awards Seedcorn Grant and is a collaboration between Youthscape, St Mellitus, St John’s Nottingham (CYM), Ridley Hall and the Diocese of London.

If you are happy to share your email address, you will also be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 voucher for a shop of your choosing!

If you have any further questions about the research, please contact Phoebe.